Home Renovation Tips and Trends in Wellington NZ

Planning a home renovation in Wellington New Zealand?

Doing a home renovation for profit looks easy enough on a renovation TV show but in reality, it is often more challenging. A good understanding of the latest trends, excellent cost planning, and selecting the right local tradies to work with all remain extremely crucial elements of success.

Here are a few things to consider when renovating:

Design: privacy vs open plan

Open-plan living remains a key design trend and feature most home buyers look for. However, experts add that some leave the renovation far too open without having any definition.

You can have the second lounge connected or open to the rest of the house to achieve this.

Your interior designer and builder can help you create an interior living space that can transform into an open-plan area but can also be strategically planned for spaces of privacy.

Get some insights from your area’s target market, including the percentage of buyers preferring open-plan areas versus private ones.

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Enhancing your outdoor space

Having a good outdoor space can be enticing to many buyers and add incredible value to your home. You should try to create the feel that your outside space is just an alternative shelter to relax in. A professional landscape designer can help you install the right features and design the area to make it look more enticing.

Many buyers demand courtyards simply because they can function as the home’s extension. Add some shrubs, trees or plants to make a great impression.

Adding more clearly defined spaces

Re-defining smaller spaces as part of larger spaces to boost property value. You can install a pergola over a big grass area to transform it into an entertaining space. Build in some barbecue grills for added value. Simply re-defining parts of your house can make a big difference.

Ensuring you have accurate building cost estimates

Accurate building cost estimates play a pivotal role in the success of any home renovation project aimed at maximizing profit. This estimate is your financial guide; it helps you keep track of spending and ensures you’re not caught off guard by unexpected expenses. Think of it as your budgeting blueprint—it shows you where you can afford to spend more and where you might need to cut back. Getting this step right means you can make smart choices about materials, labor, and any adjustments to your project without risking your profit margin. Today’s market demands and construction costs fluctuate, so the reliability of a thorough building estimate cannot be overstated.

Ready to get the most value out of your home renovation in Wellington New Zealand?

With so much uncertainty in the building industry, getting the most value out of your home renovation will continue to be a challenge for homeowners.

Construction cost estimators like Newin Building Estimating Services are professional service providers with extensive experience in the building industry and associated trades. If you are looking to understand the latest building costs in Wellington and Auckland New Zealand, reduce your building construction costs, and streamline your building or renovation project, a building cost estimator can help.


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