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Imagine saving $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 on your next build?
That’s the power of an accurate building cost estimation report.




Reports Completed to Date

18+ years

Industry Expertise


Average Cost Savings

 Trusted with over 7,000 reports to date

Our reports start from NZD $800+GST only and focus on:


You’ll get to tap into our 18 years of trusted industry experience and specialist approach to delivering highly accurate cost estimates and quantity surveys.

Excellent ROI

 With our expert guidance, Newin typically help clients save 10 – 15% on their construction costs – which could mean an extra $30,000+ in your pocket.

All Types of Projects

We’ve built a team that has solid experience over a range of projects; commercial, industrial or residential construction projects.

Cost Transparency

Unlike other agencies, we don’t use cost guides as we don’t find them reliable for our clients. We believe in going much deeper to give you concrete data and rates so that you’ll feel secure with your budgets and the decisions you make.
Hai Nguyen building estimator sydney

Helping you Avoid Nasty Building Cost Surprises

Hi, I’m Hai Nguyen, founder of Newin Building Estimating Services, and that’s what I’ll help you do – cost your building projects to ultimately ensure it gets completed to budget and without any cost surprises.

We are a property and construction advisory firm specialising in Construction Cost Estimate Reports, Quantity Surveying, and Cost Management services across Manukau & East Auckland.

We work with domestic, commercial, and industrial builders, home-owners, architects, and developers at various phases: prior to construction, during construction, and post-construction.

Our why?

Over the years we’ve seen clients get caught out with poor project cost tracking systems, inaccurate costings, or simply “paying too much”, sadly leaving many financially strained.

We have a proven risk management system and industry track record for addressing all these.

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Unlike other agencies, we don’t use cost guides as we don’t find them reliable. We believe in digging much deeper to give you concrete data and rates, meaning you’ll feel secure with your budgets and the decisions you make.

With offices in Auckland, New Zealand as well as Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and powered by 18 year’s + experience in the construction industry, we have proudly become a partner of choice for leading builders, architects, designers and developers.

We pride ourselves on being hands-on, affordable and eager to share ways on how we can support your business.

Our range of services in Manukau & East Auckland NZ

We help builders, architects, developers, & homeowners across residential and commercial with:

New Construction Building Cost Estimate Reports
Extension and Renovation Cost Estimate Reports
Independent Building Contract Price Evaluations
Material and Trade Price Cost Evaluations
Finance Reports for Banks & Financial Institutions
Feasibility Studies for Builders & Developers
Cost Planning by Project Phase- Concept, Design, Detailed & Tender

Do I need to get a
Building Cost Estimate?

We get asked this question all the time and the answer is- can you afford not to? Can you afford…


Dealing with uncertainty is an unfortunate aspect of the construction industry, particularly with the surge in building and labor costs over the past two years. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of empowerment, ensuring that you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your project can be successfully completed within your budget.

Financial loss?

Rising building costs, with certain materials soaring up to 4 times their previous rates, pose a financial challenge. Our expertise steps in to safeguard your investments. We specialize in uncovering cost-saving avenues in materials and labor, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Project delays?

Through our transparent cost plans and clear documentation, we enhance communication with trades and suppliers, significantly reducing the likelihood of costly delays. Our meticulous approach enables us to identify potential bottleneck areas in your project, providing valuable foresight for your construction timeline and ensuring a smoother journey to completion.

Financial exposure?

Inaccurate cost plans and budgeting can jeopardize your construction loan and bank finance capacity. Our focus is to minimize this risk by delivering precise cost reports grounded in the latest market rates. Count on us to provide you with the tools needed to confidently secure financing while ensuring your project’s financial stability.


More about our Construction Estimation Services in Manukau & East Auckland

At Newin, we are dedicated construction estimators offering invaluable expert advice to architects, builders, developers, and homeowners across Manukau & East Auckland , New Zealand. Our focus lies in providing accurate costings for a diverse range of building projects, including renovations, commercial developments, industrial ventures, and high-rise residential constructions.

As specialist construction estimators, we have a proven system that aims to help our clients save tens of thousands of dollars on their building and construction costs. And that’s the power of accurate cost estimates.

As your partner during the building and construction process, we’ll guide you through by:

  • – Analyzing project costs comprehensively to identify potential areas for cost savings.
  • – Providing accurate timelines and realistic budgets.
  • – Coordinating with subcontractors and suppliers, and ensuring efficient project management.
  • – Helping manage and mitigate risks associated with your construction.

Ready to save thousands on your next construction project?

That’s the power of an accurate building cost estimate report!

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Architects & Designers

Ensure your proposed designs stay within clients budgets


Win more projects and stay up to date with market rates

Home Owners

Don’t get caught out with overpriced builders


We partner to help you profit

Newin is a trusted partner of choice across the Building & Construction industry


We enjoy a great working relationship with Hai at Newin Building Estimating Services. He is always incredibly responsive and never misses a deadline. As a growing building company we rely on professionals that we can trust and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Hai for many, many years to come
Mark Baddock
Baddock Building
“Fast and professional, they provided high-quality work and were very efficient. Very happy and will use again”
Sydney Road Dental Care, Manly
“I found using Newin Estimating Services helped me win more business. Their professional approach and efficiency enabled me to go for more tenders and increase my strike rate. I would recommend their services to any builder or subcontractor who does not have the time to do estimating themselves”
Frank Tarabay – Managing Director
Every Trade Building Services
“They explained the process clearly and were able to complete the renovation and fit out of our practice well within the budgetary estimates”
BDS – Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Sydney
Ethics and transparency are his biggest strengths”. Knowing Hai for over 5 years, I rely on his services. He has outstanding attention to detail, is punctual, and sticks to deadlines. I support him completely, I refer him to others in the industry and there is no doubt.

Tarn Miller
TCM Building Services

He is very accurate with his building estimations. I find him reliable, hard-working, and extremely likable which is why I continue to engage his services and refer him to others.
Mick Dryver
Billabong Construction & Development

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